• Getting set up

    Participant guide – how we will be running the hackathon

    This guide explains how the hackathon is being organised, from how we will be communicating, what activities we envisage you will undertake, how we suggest you access data and store your code/outputs.

    Creating an account on JASMIN – a guide to creating an account on JASMIN for our hackathon

    You can take part in the hackathon whether or not you have your own JASMIN account. This guide shows you how to make your own account, if you want one.

    Using Git during the hackathon – a guide using Git to collaborate during the hackathon

    This guide gives some suggestions on how to use your project’s GitHub repository during the hackathon, with some links to training material for Git and GitHub, if you’d like to learn more.

    Project lead briefing

    Participant briefing

  • Tutorial notebooks

    Setting up a python environment on JASMIN – a guide to setting up a custom python environment on JASMIN using conda

    How to install and use specific versions of python packages in your own environment, allowing your team to use consistent versions of packages across all your analysis on JASMIN, helping ensure reproducibility of your work.

    How to find and use CMIP6 data in the CEDA Archive – how to find and use CMIP6 data in the CEDA Archive

    A quickstart guide to finding a CMIP6 dataset on the CEDA Archive and using it within JASMIN.

    Loading data using xarray – loading and processing CMIP6 data using xarray Archive

    A quickstart guide to loading part of the CMIP6 dataset on JASMIN using the xarray library.

  • Help for organisers

    Running a Hackathon on JASMIN – a guide to running an event on the JASMIN data analysis facility

    This guide is based on the experiences of the University of Bristol in organising a CMIP6 Hackathon in association with the Met Office Academic Partners. It describes how we used the JASMIN platform, the decisions we took and why, and advice for others running similar events.

    Event checklist – a checklist for activities required in the run-up to a hackathon event

    An at-a-glace guide to the key activities required when organising a hackathon, including links to relevant resources and templates.

    Environment setup scripts – help participants use the Group Workspace

    Some scripts to help with using the hackathon’s Group Workspace on JASMIN, and a conda environment with pre-installed packages (see also our example notebook).

  • Useful templates

    Template forms, emails and resources – useful forms, emails and resources for organisers

    We hope that these templates provide a useful starting point for similar hackathons and events in the future.

    Assign applicants to projects – semi-automatically assign participants to project teams

    Tool to try to give applicants one of their first-choice projects, by randomly assigning them a project, weighted by number of places remaining.

    Pages such as the registration page and agenda, although no longer displayed, may be useful to organisers of similar events.